Timothy GB Holdings Pty Ltd trading as Cameo Property Services is a family owned and operated specialist Boutique Real Estate Agency launched back in August 2008 after many years in the planning. The concept and business model created was underpinned by the desire of the founder to provide for her clients ….

“A level of service and commitment as rare and as unique as the Cameo itself”.

The Cameo logo was inspired by a very special piece of jewelry handed down to Margaret by her late Mother, who she described as having been a very brave, compassionate Matriarch whose vision and strong will forged the principles which guide Margaret throughout her life.

Margaret strongly believes that your real estate experience should not only be of a positive nature but also an enjoyable and educational one. In simple terms the parameters of the business model were to create, establish and further develop an award winning and an industry benchmark Boutique Real Estate Company that truly delivered a superior standard of service at every level….it is after all, she says, a customer service orientated industry.

Having been selected as one of the top four finalists in the REIQ’s Property Manager of the Year Awards was a truly wonderful achievement in its first year of operation. It was a powerful acknowledgement by its peers of Cameo’s mark in this real estate discipline and validated Cameo’s unique service culture.

Cameo’s core business is as a specialist property management service provider, but it also enjoys consistent success in Property Sales; the same principles of service apply which are being recognised and well received by those clients that engage Cameo to sell their property.

The northern Gold Coast will remain Cameo’s home and dedicated area of operation for the foreseeable future but the last 6 years  have seen the business expand to encompass areas as far south as Tugun through to the north of Brisbane and west into Ipswich.

Having weathered the many challenges of its highly competitive industry as well as the unpredictable factors imposed by the Global Financial Crisis, Cameo continues today to enjoy the loyalty and ongoing referrals from its core clients.

With some 250 properties currently under management, Cameo has been rewarded for staying true to its concept and steadfast in its delivery of being a “best practice” agency.

Cameo’s decision to remain a privately owned Company will ensure that its principles, culture and mode of operation remain intact and never subject
to compromise.

The Cameo Way

Cameo specialises in managing your residential investment property

• Maximising the return on your investment
• Protecting the equity in your property
• Providing a seamless management experience

When you choose Cameo Property Services to manage your property you are choosing a Company that is a specialist in the field of property management; professionals that bring with them a wealth of experience built over years in the industry and dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Cameo is committed to “best practice” property management and setting new benchmarks in unprecedented standards of service.

When you choose Cameo Property Services you will truly experience the real meaning of management.  Cameo’s property management team is well positioned to welcome new business as they have at their disposal the very best of resources at every level. Cameo provides its team members with the very best and latest in management systems and access to a vast array of resources and ancillary services to support their efforts in providing the very best of service to their clients.

Cameo will consistently invest in training and technology to ensure that the team is at the peak of their performance. Their competitive edge is a benefit that is passed on to their clients.

Why should you choose the Cameo way?

We Are Focused on Property Management.
The majority of Real Estate Agencies focus their time and effort on their sales business which results in their property management clients, both owners and tenants, being treated to a second tier service. With property management being the core business of Cameo Property Services; you receive a 100% focus and commitment to the management of your very valuable asset.

We Understand Your Requirements
Cameo understands what it means to be an investment property owner and appreciates that it is a fundamental requirement to maximise the return on your property; in order to do that it has to be managed competently. All property owners deserve experienced, professional and dedicated property managers who really do understand what is important. You are entrusting us with one of your most valuable assets and we know how important it is to:

• have the rent fully paid on time,
• to minimise your costs whilst maximising your return
• and how very important it is to keep you fully informed at all times.

Because Cameo understands all of the issues facing you as a Property Owner and investor, it provides you with the unique opportunity to customise your Management Agreement.  Cameo does this by taking into account your financial structure and providing a range of “built in” services that are relevant to your property and factors them into the agreement.

This customisation ensures that your property remains in peak condition and is at its highest possible performance level at all times.  Your property management relationship with Cameo can and will be a seamless and stress free experience.

Keeping You Informed
Communication is key and with the technology available to the Cameo Team, it provides several avenues through which to communicate that all important information about your property.

Regular as well as monthly communications will come direct from Margaret and will cover an array of issues relevant to your status as an investment property owner and which will also keep you updated with compliance issues that come with property ownership and need to be provided for more the day to day property management services for your property.

It is Cameo’s practice to undertake regular routine inspections of your property following which you will be provided with a detailed report, including photos of your property and a list of any maintenance issues that require attention and your approval.

Cameo’s website will provide you with access to the very latest property reports, insights and information, keeping you abreast of the latest developments, trends and products that may have an impact upon you or your investment.

Our internal procedures ensure that all protocols are met in respect of informing you of all issues related to your property. The team is fully accountable at all times and this is regularly reinforced and documented in our Operational Manuals that form the code under which we operate.

Give yourself peace of mind and treat yourself to a satisfying and fulfilling experience as a property owner and have your property managed the Cameo Way.

We welcome your call or e-mail:
(07) 5530 8777