Office Hours

The office of Cameo Property Services is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm.

If you require service outside these hours, the office number diverts to the mobile number of the property manager on duty for that weekend. You will also be provided with a list of after-hours and emergency service providers which you can contact direct should the circumstances warrant it.

You are also advised to put the mobile number of your dedicated Cameo Property Manager into your phone.

Electricity, Gas and Telephone

It is your responsibility to arrange the connection of these essential services however Cameo can provide you with the applicable forms for Direct Connect and Connect Now, both of which are specialist utility connection service providers. They can assist you in connecting and disconnecting your phone, gas and electricity when you move into one of Cameo’s properties and also when you choose to leave.

This service is provided completely free of charge.

If you wish to use this extremely convenient service please let your Cameo Property Manager know.

Water Usage

The Water Legislation Amendment Act 2007 brought changes to the way that lessors charge tenants for water usage at rental properties in Queensland.  Owners are now able to pass on 100% of the water usage in certain circumstances.

While lessors have always had the ability to charge for water usage above a reasonable amount, the new legislation allows for all water consumption to be passed on to the tenant where set criteria are met, that is;

  • The premises are individually metered or water is delivered to the premises
  • The tenancy agreement states the tenant must pay for water
  • The premises are water efficient.

For premises to be deemed as being water efficient, toilets, showerheads and internal cold taps (including single mixer taps but excluding bath tubs and taps for appliances) must:

  • Have a 3 star rating or higher under the Water Efficiency and labelling Standards Scheme (WELS)
  • Be of equivalent performance

A lessor is only able to pass on water charges if all the criteria have been met, however lessors are not able to pass on any fixed cost for the supply of water.  The majority of premises that are individually metered are freestanding houses as well as some villas and town houses. Apartments and Unit Complexes generally are not individually metered and therefore charges would not be able to be passed on to the tenant.

All costs associated with the installation of water saving devices & individual meters will have to be met by the landlord.  The landlord will be required to provide the tenant with copies of actual bills, showing the amount that is to be paid. The tenant will have one month to pay the issued invoice.

Rental Payments

Cameo Property Services has a zero tolerance policy for rent arrears. Your rent must be paid up to date at all times. If at any time you are unable to make a rental payment, please contact your Cameo Property Manager. If we do not receive your rental payment and you have not contacted us then this may lead to you being issued with a (Form 11) Notice to Remedy to Breach which will automatically issued on the 8th day following your being 7 days in arrears. Failure to remedy that Breach will result in the issue of (Form 12) Notice to Leave, so please do not let your situation get out of control.

It is essential that you communicate with your Cameo Property Manager at all times who will assist where possible.

Entry Condition Report

This report is extremely important as it reflects the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy and will be used to compare to the Exit Condition Report when you vacate the property to determine if there are any anomalies that you will need to rectify.

You will be provided with a copy of this report to complete at the time the property is handed over to you. You are strongly advised to review the Report thoroughly and further encouraged to make notations and any additional comments in the section dedicated to the tenant should you disagree with what the report states or if you identify issues not already noted in the report.

Further we recommend that you take photos of the property as part of your Entry Condition Report at the commencement of your tenancy; the Cameo Property Managers take a comprehensive portfolio of photos to support their reports.

It is also very important that after you have reviewed/completed the report that you return it to your Cameo Property Manager within 3 days of the commencement of your tenancy; that report will be countersigned (if your manager agrees with your observations and notations) and they will give you a signed copy for your records.

Rental Bond

Your rental bond will be lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority and is held as security against any unpaid rent or damage to the property.  Shortly after lodgment, you will receive written confirmation from the RTA that they have received your rental bond and will provide you with a Rental Bond Lodgment Number.

Your rental bond will be refunded to you promptly after you have vacated the property provided that your rent is up to date and there are no monies owing for cleaning or repairs to the property.

Caring for you landscaping

You are fully responsible for the maintaining of the gardens and lawns at the property you have leased, and at the time of your vacating the premises it is Cameo’s expectation that they will be returned in the condition in which they were at the time of the commencement of your tenancy.

Photos taken of the grounds at the commencement of your tenancy will clearly show what that expectation will be.

If you follow the steps below you should be able to maintain your lawn and gardens with ease

It is essential to water your gardens and the best times are early morning and late evening when there is no sun. There are no water restrictions in place and many properties have water tanks installed.

Your garden needs a slow release fertiliser during spring to end of summer and a fast release fertiliser every 2 month from spring to end of autumn. If your gardens are mulched remove the mulch from the base of the plants prior to fertilising.

Spring is the best time to prune. You should prune approx. 50%. Pull off palm fronds when they become loose and dispose of accordingly.

Remove stakes from plants where applicable if they become free standing and tall enough.

Weeding must be done on a regular basis as and when needed. Weeds take a lot of the nutrients from the soil so must be done before they take over the garden.

Regular mowing and edging is essential to keep a healthy lawn. To keep lawn green use a fast release organic fertiliser. Water well to prevent burning.

Pest control
Ensure that you take action against Pests immediately.

Cameo is happy to recommend their preferred gardeners and landscapers and for many tenants it is both time and cost effective to engage their professional services to ensure the grounds are appropriately maintained.

The alternative may be that you are exposed to incurring the costs of restoring the gardens and grounds to their original condition should they not have been fully maintained during the period of the tenancy.

Maintenance of Appliances:

It is essential that the basic maintenance of your appliances at the property is undertaken to ensure their efficiency and full working order.

Ovens, Stoves tops, dishwashers, air conditioners, pools and other appliances will be checked by your Property Manager at routine inspections to ensure they are being cleaned and maintained appropriately.

Air Conditioner Filters:
It is absolutely essential that your air conditioners filters are regularly cleaned. This task is especially vital during the summer months; should an air conditioner fail and it is found to be as a result of your negligence to clean the filters, it is possible that you will be made liable for its repair.

Exhaust Fans/Range hoods
Similarly it is essentially to regularly clean the filters in the pull out exhaust fans and range hoods over your stoves.

Stove Tops:
Whether or not your stove is electric or gas, the stove tops need to be regularly cleaned and not subjected to build up from cooking oils etc. and there are many appropriately designed cleaning products for all stove surfaces that will assist you in this task.

There are also products on the market that are designed to provide a deep clean of your dishwasher’s working parts and pipes.

As well as putting these cleaners through your dishwasher’s cycle on a regular basis, please also make sure you take out the filters at the base of your dishwasher and give those a thorough clean as well.

Vacuums Maids:
Ensure that the bags are changed on a regular basis and that the equipment, being the hoses, connections and vacuum heads, are maintained in good working order.

Pool Pumps & Cleaning Equipment:
Cameo can recommended a range of preferred Pool Service Contractors but if you take on the task of cleaning and servicing your pool you are responsible for their upkeep. This includes ensuring that the water is always chemically stable & compliant as well as making sure that water levels are maintained so that the pool pump is not run dry and subjected to burning out.

Although not an appliance, if a Property Manager identifies that carpets have been damaged or stained they will seek immediate rectification from you.
If you have a 12 month lease it is highly recommended to get all carpets cleaned every six months.

Inspections during your Tenancy

During the course of your tenancy, your Property Manager will conduct quarterly routine inspections. We will give you at least 7 days’ notice in advance through the issue of a (Form 9) Entry Notice.  If you are unavailable at the time nominated to be present at these inspections, your Property Manager will have keys to obtain access.

Accompanying your Entry Notice will be a Maintenance Request Form for your completion and for your property manager to pick up should there be any issues you wish to bring to her attention during her inspection.

Maintenance Requirements

At any time during your tenancy should a maintenance issue arise, you are formally required to submit a maintenance request in writing; e-mail is the most efficient medium but a Maintenance Request Form will have been provided in your Tenancy Pack or you can access one through our website under this Cameo Tenants menu.

Cameo strongly urges its tenants to report maintenance matters in writing to their dedicated Property Managers immediately they become evident.

Do not wait until a routine inspection is undertaken before reporting maintenance issues.

Expiry of Your Tenancy

60 days prior to the expiry of your lease, your Property Manager will contact you to seek your intentions – i.e. whether or not you wish to renew your lease or make appropriate arrangements to vacate the premises.

Should you wish to re new your lease, your Property Manager will contact the lessor and seek their instructions based on your intentions; there will be a possibility that a rent increase will come into effect for the term of the new lease.

Should you decide to vacate the property you must give at least 14 days’ notice in writing in the form of an RTA Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave. This notice must be in line with the expiry date of your lease or if you have lapsed into a periodic lease, then we still require 14 days in writing prior to the date you nominate to vacate the premises.

You can locate a Form 13 via the link to the Residential Tenancy Authority website (under the Cameo Tenants menu)….or there will have been a copy in your Tenancy Pack provided at the time of the commencement of your lease.

Should you wish to re-new your lease and agreement has been reached on its terms and conditions including any possible rent increase, then a new lease will be drawn up and sent to you by either mail or e-mail for your signature/s and return.
A (Form 12) Notice to Leave will accompany that lease and will come into effect should Cameo not receive the new signed lease before the expiry of your current lease.

When your new signed lease is received by our office, it will be counter signed by your Property Manager and a copy send back to you for your records.

Vacating Your Premises

Once a (Form 13) Notice of Intention to Leave has been formally submitted to our office, your Property Manager will create a Vacate Pack and send it to you. This will contain information that will guide you through the process as well as outlining our expectations as part of the vacating process.

The Vacate Pack will include recommendations to our preferred Bond Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners and Gardeners but you are welcome to make other arrangements.
However if the work of your Contractors does not meet our criteria then they will be sent a list of whatever items/issues need to be addressed and that have not met our standards.

If Cameo’s preferred contractors are used then the responsibility falls on them to meet our expectations.

When you are ready to hand over the property, all keys and remotes for the premises need to be handed in and will be compared to the Key Registry that you signed at the time you took occupancy.

If you have engaged the services of cleaners and gardeners we will request a copy of the receipts from those contractors, especially for the carpet cleaning.

*Please note that you will be liable to pay rent for the property until the keys are handed in as stated above.

  • Your Property Manager has then 3 days to undertake her Exit Condition Report and present you with her copy which will include a list of any anomalies or variations to the Entry Condition report that may have been identified.
  • Please ensure you leave your power on during this period.
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss any issues identified and reach agreement on their rectification; the ACT allows for 10 days in which these matters can be addressed.

If an identified anomaly cannot be rectified satisfactorily by your contractors we will appoint a Cameo contractor to complete the task.

A Bond Refund Form will be presented for your completion and signature/s once all parties are in agreement to the outcome of the handover of the property.

*Please note that a water meter reading (if applicable to your premises) will be taken and an Invoice for Water Consumption drawn up for final payment.

The Bond Forms are now lodged on line and your refunds are paid direct into your nominated accounts by the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority); the timeframe is determined by what time of the day the form is lodged but it is usually within 48 hours.

If agreement cannot be reached then a Dispute Resolution process is available through the RTA.

If the RTA cannot assist in the resolution of any dispute then all parties will be directed and advised accordingly to seek a QCAT ruling on any matters in dispute.