Points of Difference
Assurance of a high quality and ethical service from real estate agents who have passed stringent eligibility criteria. No extra fees or commissions – the service is free to the client (only standard property commissions will apply.) Please ask about our multiple property discounts.

Standard Management Fee

7.5% of the weekly rent + GST

Monthly Sundry Fee

$6.60 per month including GST. Associated with costs of raising and sending your Monthly Statements

Letting Fee

Equal to one week’s rent + GST. The letting fee is payable only when there is a changeover of tenancies

Court & Tribunal Fee

$55 +GST

We do not charge for:

  • Tenancy Renewals
  • Routine Inspection
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Mediation and Tribunal attendances by the hour (normally charged at an hourly rate of $55 +GST)
  • General Administration
  • Advertising & Marketing (internet, photography)
  • Title Searches
  • End of Financial Year Statements
  • Payment of your accounts (City Council, Body Corporate Levies etc.)

The duties your property manager carries out include (but aren’t restricted to):

  • Maintaining a working knowledge of relevant legislation
  • Showing properties to prospective tenants
  • Filing entry conditions reports
  • Negotiating tenancy agreements
  • Conducting routine inspections, reporting back to the owner
  • Conducting bond inspections and final inspections
  • Handling insurance claims (including for natural disasters)
  • Meeting insurance assessors and arranging repairs
  • Dispute resolution activity
  • Preparing the files for tribunal cases
  • Arranging repairs and maintenance
  • Regular communication with landlords, tenants, tradespeople etc.
  • Sending out breach notices
  • Following up, following up and… following up