Marketing of your Property

Cameo has investigated all of the advertising mediums available through which the industry interacts with its clients and promotes its business and has reached the inevitable conclusion that the internet highway remains the most popular and statistically proven facility utilised by property owners, investors, tenants, buyers and sellers.

The majority of Cameo’s marketing budget therefore has been invested in this medium and it continues to pay high dividends for our clients who come from all over Australia and from afar as New Zealand, the UK, the UAE and USA.

Your property will have the very highest and most prominent exposure on, which has been named the fourth ‘most powerful’ property portal in the world by British online real estate consultants Globaledge and American internet marketing portal SEDmoz. No other Australia website made it into the top 50 list.

Our marketing process includes:

  • The taking of high quality photographs of your property by a professional photographer from Open2View
  • Writing a comprehensive description, highlighting the features of your property
  • Inclusion on our premium rental list that is distributed daily
  • Alerting the prospective tenants on our active registry
  • Placing our very distinctive, high quality signs on your property
  • Advertising in local, suburban and metropolitan newspapers & magazines
  • Providing an assisted, active and prompt viewing service 6 days a week

Cameo has developed an active tenant registry of  pre-qualified and known tenants that assists in substantially mitigating the vacancy rate on any of its properties under management.

Our long term, highly valued tenants appreciate the due care shown to them by Cameo and actively seek to remain in the quality properties under its management for sustained periods of time.

A number of Cameo’s tenants are investment property owners themselves and have engaged Cameo to manage their properties which is further testament to the quality of our services and some have even gone on to purchase the very property they were renting; so Cameo’s tenants are recognized and nurtured as a future purchaser database.

Active Management Procedures

When an application is received a prospective tenant a comprehensive investigation is undertaken into their credentials encompassing their personal, working and financial history to ensure that we are recommending persons of high integrity to lease your property. We utilize all avenues of enquiry open to us within the limitations of the Privacy Act, so by the time a Cameo property manager seeks formal approval from a landlord for an application, it will be at a pre-approved level that we would have accepted for our own property.

Prior to a tenant taking occupancy a comprehensive written Entry Condition Report (ECR) is undertaken of the property complete with detailed photos and signed by both the property manager and the new tenants. When those tenants vacate, the exact same exercise is undertaken and then the Entry Condition Report is compared to the Exit Condition Report and any anomalies outside of general wear and tear are then resolved with the property manager prior to any Bond being released.

The efficient and timely collection and receipting of and remitted rent are undertaken daily. The disbursement of funds is paid to your nominated bank account by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by cheque if preferred, on a monthly basis on the first business day after the end of the month. If a mid month remittance is also required this can be arranged upon written request.

Full rent arrears management by sophisticated systems is in place to minimise arrears including phone, SMS, email and letter based reminders. This office has a zero tolerance for rent arrears.

Quarterly property inspections are conducted on each property and detailed reports issued to the property owners. Maintenance checks will be conducted at the same time to ensure that no potential maintenance issues become a future problem.Tenants are encouraged to report any maintenance issues immediately they occur to ensure that your property is maintained in top condition.

All repairs are undertaken by fully licensed and insured quality tradesmen and are either supervised and/or checked by the property manager before payment is approved and made.

Quotes, where applicable will be obtained to ensure the very best price is achieved for the best work and your approval prior to the commencement of the work will be sought unless otherwise instructed.

Cameo Financial Reporting Services

  • Detailed monthly statements are available upon request
  • Your income is deposited into your account or forwarded by mail (as agreed) within two business days of our statement close off date
  • Your statements can be forwarded by e-mail
  • You will be provided with copies of all invoices paid on your behalf

At the end of the financial year we will provide you with a detailed income and expenditure statement for your property.