Wendy Jenkyn

Wendy Jenkyn

Wendy joins Cameo Property Services as its Administrator bringing with her 18 years of property management experience along with a comprehensive knowledge of property law as well as being skilled in dispute resolution & portfolio insurance claims.

It is a bonus that Wendy has such a diverse background in the Real Estate given that this particular industry really does have a “language of its own” and having an Administrator with this diverse level of experience makes it so much easier for Cameo’s Property Managers to address their daily workloads & manage the many challenges that can present on a daily basis.

Being of a mature age has also furnished Wendy with those all-important “life skills” that one cannot teach but can only learn through firsthand experience and as such provides a solid foundation to her important front line role.

Wendy’s previous roles with other agencies were well regarded to the extent subsequent positions were all referred and in the case of one agency, the retention of her services were part and parcel of the Contract of Sale for that company’s rent roll. Other professional roles that Wendy has held are as diverse as her skill base including positions in Welfare, Aged Care, Endeavour Industries, The Royal Blind Society as well as being a Co-Owner of a Health Food Store.

Friendly & approachable with a team focused personality, Wendy is a no-nonsense professional, loyal and dependable and has slotted into Cameo’s unique team of professional women with ease.

Originally from Sydney, family is everything to Wendy; she took time out to be a full time carer for her 97-year Mother before her passing and her Daughter & Grandson are central to her life.

Wendy’s personal and leisure interests are as equally diverse as her professional background; she is a serious movie buff and has enjoyed many travel adventures with more planned & in the pipeline. Animals and their welfare are a passion as is photography and she turns out to be a dab hand at crocheting!

Contact Details
  • Office : 07 5530 8777
  • Fax : 07 5530 8333