Alison Thompson

Alison Thompson

Cameo has had the good fortune to secure the services of Alison Thompson, another Kiwi addition to the Cameo Team from the land of the “Long White Cloud”. Unbeknown to Cameo, Alison had in previous years, sought to join our team but was “pipped at the post” by a good friend and former Cameo girl – Diane Austin. When Diane “semiretired” to explore more of the world and build a new home in New Zealand, it was Diane that sought to have Alison take her place… we are so pleased she did!! Alison relocated to the Gold Coast in 2010 bringing with her 10 years of experience as a successful Real Estate Sales Agent in Tauranga, which was one of New Zealand’s fastest growing cities.

Her previous career could not have been more different, given that she entered her working life in the Dental industry in which she enjoyed a long and successful career. But like many professionals, one reaches a point in one’s life when other interests beckon.

Becoming a resident of Hope Island, Alison’s professional and personable manner ensured that it was not long before her skill set was sought out by various agencies keen to benefit from the experience and enthusiasm she brought with her.

Over the past 7 years, Alison built upon her already extensive experience and took a particular interest in developing a Specialist position as an Inspection Manager. This time consuming and articulate role is more important and involved than most give it credit.

Her infinite patience and “eye for detail” are crucial traits because it is her inspection of a property that determines the manner in which it is being kept and cared for and requires her to ensure that the integrity of the property is retained by noting and reporting any maintenance issues that require attention. Her approachable manner sits well with the tenants that she must engage with and it’s her relationship building skills that builds the trust that assists with her success in this defined role.

Alison enjoys a lifelong interest in music and holds a Diploma in Music (Piano) and has taught music over many years. This love of music is combined with other popular activities that largely fulfil Alison’s leisure time outside of the work place. They include the intricate game of Mahjong each Thursday and being out on the Golf Course whenever she can.

Alison is well read and equally well-travelled having not long come back from another extensive trip overseas to the UK and Europe in September…. who knows what her next destination will be.

Contact Details
  • Office : 07 5530 8777
  • Fax : 07 5530 8333